Colors of Courage

Hope Scarves Raises Funds for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research

The fifth annual Colors of Courage, in honor of individuals affected by cancer and the community connected through Hope Scarves, was Friday, October 7, 2016 at the estate of Natalie and Reise Officer on la Grange Road in Anchorage, Ky. More than 500 people attended. Live entertainment was provided by Porch Possums with a special guest appearance by Linkin’ Bridge, recent finalists on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

The mission of Hope Scarves is to share scarves, stories, and hope with women facing cancer. When Founder Lara MacGregor was diagnosed with breast cancer, an acquaintance passed on the scarves she had worn in her cancer battle with an inspirational message that sparked the idea for MacGregor to pay it forward. Proceeds raised at Colors of Courage benefit Hope Scarves and provide funding for metastic cancer research.

Hope Scarves provides resources in three ways:

  1. Patients, families or friends – those facing a cancer diagnosis who will lose their hair or just need support, can request a scarf, free of charge. Scarves come packaged with a cancer survivor’s story and tying instruction.
  2. For hospitals and physicians’ offices – facilities can purchase scarf packages to distribute at the point of treatment so patients don’t have to seek them out themselves. The scarves are branded and customized with the hospital or facility logo and are available in quantities as small as 10. Promotional kits are also available for physician waiting rooms.
  3. For survivors – cancer centers implementing survivorship programs can partner with Hope Scarves to collect scarves and stories co help survivors process, reflect on, and share their experiences.

For more information about the program or to request a scarf, visit or call 502.333.9715.