Our Approach

At Riverbend Physicians, we understand that physicians are unique as they enter the workforce about a decade later than most, usually with a large amount of educational debt, and have fewer years to earn wealth before retirement. After years of studying and preparing for your career, we desire to help physicians live for today, while planning wisely for tomorrow. Having a sound financial plan in place that evolves through the various stages of your career — medical school, residency, fellowship and retirement — is the first step in realizing your financial and life goals.

We understand disability, medical student debt and how to assess risks, which are top concerns of many physicians in establishing a strategic financial plan. We understand the demands of practicing medicine and raising a family. We understand the time constraints you continually face.

But before we even think to offer advice, we want to get to know you, your life dreams, your concerns and how you ideally envision your future. We want to understand the legacy you want to live today and eventually leave behind for your loved ones.

We believe the strongest financial advice is delivered through trust and transparency that is built by listening, learning and investing in relationships that go much deeper than money management.

We view our clients as friends and value the relationships that are built by spending time together. That’s why our approach is personal and tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. There is nothing more important to us than the relationships that our clients invite us to be participants.