Why Us

At Riverbend Physicians, we understand the evolving healthcare environment and the need to stay in front of changes so that financial plan strategies are never stagnant, and continue to evolve as well. We plan for the long-term and desire to be your advising partner throughout your career and lifetime.

We want to get to know our physician clients personally; we want to understand their perspectives on life, finances and legacy. Only then will we feel comfortable developing financial strategies to help meet each physician’s goals. We respect every client, and their goals and dreams, and are honored to have trusting and transparent relationships with so many special people.

We are not interested in having surface-level interactions and only discussing money. The most valuable parts of our business are clients, the relationships with clients and the trust we earn as we discuss strategies that support our clients’ legacies.

We operate with a fiercely independent mindset, as we are not required to sell any products and have no obligation to other companies. We understand the magnitude and ripple effect each physician has on the lives of others. We also understand the ripple effect each financial decision has on a client’s life. That’s why we will always offer unbiased guidance only after we get to know a client and his/her legacy dreams. We take our fiduciary role very seriously, with our clients’ best interests always the priority.