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By Calvin R. Rasey After much debate, the American Taxpayer Relief Act, “ATRA” was signed into law by President Obama on January 2, 2013. New and more favorable estate tax, gift tax and generation skipping transfer tax exemptions along with lower payable tax rates have gone into effect. The estate tax exemption was scheduled to […]

By Calvin R. Rasey Specialists are a critical part of the world of medicine. Internists, pediatricians, neurologists, and other specialists are knowledgeable and able to read an x-ray, but may miss what the trained radiology specialist, who examines scores of such images each day, sees as a matter of course. In the same respect, parents […]

By Calvin R. Rasey For over 18 years I have been advising physicians to make sure that when purchasing disability protection that it has a true “own occupation” or “specialty specific” definition of disability for the entire benefit period of the contract. Recently, this advice has been challenged by one well known disability provider. Traditionally, […]

Hope Scarves Raises Funds for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research The fifth annual Colors of Courage, in honor of individuals affected by cancer and the community connected through Hope Scarves, was Friday, October 7, 2016 at the estate of Natalie and Reise Officer on la Grange Road in Anchorage, Ky. More than 500 people attended. Live […]

By Calvin R. Rasey The volatility of today’s economy is making retirement an even more important issue to the physicians that I meet. In a recent conversation with a practice owner, the following question was brought to my attention, “Calvin, I am maximizing my current qualified retirement plan, however I would like to put addition […]

Everyone knows that couples need to be able to discuss finances, but it’s also crucial to talk with your kids and your parents. Here’s how. By ANDY BURDSALL, INVESTMENT ADVISER | Riverbend Financial Group, April 2017 It is my opinion that there are more younger Americans who expect to receive an inheritance than seniors who […]

Expenses and income are important, but there’s more to a successful retirement plan than just dollars and cents. By ANDY BURDSALL, INVESTMENT ADVISER | Riverbend Financial Group, April 2017 Often, prospective clients come in to my office and ask me, “Can I retire?” Unfortunately, there is no magic age or value or equation that allows […]